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worse the colors are clearyeah because people have been told thattheir houses an ATM that you know youcan constantly borrow against your houseand that’s what keep the system alivetoo yeah is the inflationary state ofpeople constantly you know getting intomore mortgaging on their house you knowthey’re just squeezing the loan tovalues like right up there you knowkeeping any value left to what theirmortgages and it is going on you knowvacations just doing whatever they wantwith it and are we are we seeing a lotof the banking kind of CDO climalite anddebt obligation so what’s happening hereand of course we don’t have the exactnumbers it’s very hard to find how muchmoney has been collateralized so allthis of course now we know that there’smass amounts of derivatives gettingissued every day so most likely a lot ofthese loans out there on these housesand you know in England and Norwaywherever it is and of course here inAustralia that we’re talking about theymight have been collateralized wherethey’d just been packaged into a packageand then sold off to somebody else thatholds it so a few good deals mixed inwith a whole bunch of bad databases yeahwhat they’ve done the old scheme is ofcourse day you know Critter  whoever’sthe top tier the few good mortgageslooks like a triple-a investment andthen of course they get them to sellthem to all these pension funds becausepension funds has a not only investedhigh rated x rated investment so whatthey do is they you know push this rightnow all this cross basically layingaround underneath in this quad a